Letters To Don DeFore

From Famous People

(Samples of hundreds of letters received.  More to be posted soon)


·      Republican Presidential Nominee Ronald Reagan 2-12-1980 (hand-written)

·      President “Ron” Reagan 1-12-1984

·      1st Lady of California Nancy Reagan 5-26-71 (hand-written)

·      President Richard Nixon 12-8-70

·      President Richard Nixon (signed RN) 3-30-72

·      Vice President Spiro T. Agnew 2-25-1969

·      Vice President Spiro T. Agnew 3-4-1970 (signed “Ted”)

·      Governor “Ronnie” Reagan 6-13-1966

·      President Lyndon Johnson 12-11-63

·      President Dwight  D. Eisenhower 11-29-1955

·      Former President Harry S. Truman 8-6-1969


·      Former President, Herbert Hoover 1956 (when Don was president of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences)

·      Barry Goldwater, Presidential candidate 10-23-1964

·      Oliver North Christmas card

·      Congressman Jack Kemp letter to RON DeFore upon Reagan Administration appointment




·      Milton Berle 1-21-1994

·      Paul Harvey 2-24-1970

·      Charlton & Lydia Heston (photographer) Christmas Card

·      Norman Brokaw, Chairman of William Morris Agency (congratulating Don as president of the Television Academy for successfully selling the first nationally televised Emmy Awards TV Show) 3-5-1955

·      Ralph Edwards, Producer of “This Is Your Life” 5-18-1953


·      Billy Graham Christmas card

·      Charlton Heston letter to Marion DeFore after Don’s passing

·      Danny Thomas Christmas card

·      Richard Widmark Christmas card

·      Ernest Borgnine Christmas card (Ernie was Don’s 33rd Degree Mason Sponsor)